Dripping Vases And The Art Of Storytelling

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Dripping Vases and the Art of Storytelling On Tuesday, after the viewing of Katherine Liontas-Warren’s art collection, I received a phone call from my father, my great-aunt Lucille had passed away. It was in this frame of reference that I reflected on the exhibit of her work. Besides providing me with a means to contextualize my grief, her collection also conveys the means to explore the nature of storytelling and how it is a didactic tool. Her collection revolved around three main themes: the dripping vases, watercolor landscapes, and surreal colored pencil drawings. In her explanation of the dripping vases Liontas-Warren said that she wanted to highlight that art is temporary and human senses are unreliable. She continues, “time eventually wipes away all forms of art, leaving us with only impressions of their former appearance.” (1) To convey her message she created paintings of Greek vases with either depictions of Greece or her relatives. This series of paintings are in a very diffuse style with streaks of water color paint to simulate the passage of time and aging. I felt that she was successful in conveying her message about the effects of the passing of time. I also discovered several other messages later when I was reflecting on the exhibit. The impermanence that she was specifically relating to art could also be generalized to life itself. That all things that mark the passage of our lives will fade. Then we will become like those ancient Greek vases. The…

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