Driscol Model Of Reflection

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Using the Driscol model of reflection (2007), when reflecting on my experience of searching for articles, the Driscol model was chosen as this model is broken down into 3 sections of what happened, so what and now what is next for the future, the model can be used for academic material as well as being able to use it in practice.
What? (what was the situation)
To establish a question that related to the topic that was discussed in the IPL group, the topic was chosen with in respect and dignity, and was individually chosen and a literature search for articles relating to the chosen question began.
So, What?
When choosing the question around respect and dignity I found this to be quite hard, at first I didn’t understand what was being asked, I initially thought that the topic to search, was that of respect and dignity, but then realised during the IPL group the topic was in fact with in respect and dignity, so I needed to be looking for topics such as communication, consent, privacy, confidentiality, I created 3 questions and decided to go with effective communication after failed attempts at confidentiality, the problem I found with confidentiality was the articles were only discussing this as a generalised topic and did not allow a lot of scope to narrow down to dementia patients in a nursing home setting, I started to become
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