Driverless Car Insurance Research Paper

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Humans have long sought to find ways to protect themselves from catastrophe. Although we think of insurance as being about payments to cover financial losses, historically, insurance has its roots in practices such as storing excess grain in order to protect against famine or agreements between neighbors to help rebuild a barn or house if one burned down. These practices and agreements helped protect both individuals and society as a whole from catastrophic losses that would prevent people from getting back up to speed and becoming productive again.

The History Of Insurance In America notes that one of the biggest changes in insurance occurred when the creation of the Internet enabled people to seek out online insurance quotes. Technology marches on and the buzz these days is all about the expectation that driverless cars will be the next big changes revolutionizing the world and potentially making
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Those prediction posit that better public transportation from one city to another will go hand in hand with these developments and that driverless cars will be a more local phenomenon, taking you wherever you want to go within a particular city but not from one city to another. The reality is that Europe currently has better public transportation than the U.S. This is in part because Europe is simply more densely populated, so public transportation makes more sense logistically. However, Americans have a strong tendency currently to live in one city and work in another or live in an unincorporated suburb and commute elsewhere. They also have a tendency to take their car for long distance trips, whether business or vacations. Cars are currently not used as just local transportation, so it might be a bit of stretch to predict that people will give them up entirely and readily adapt to a very different transportation paradigm and all that goes with
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