Driverless Cars : Are Cars Really Safe Like Everyone Says?

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Driverless Cars

Are driverless cars really safe like everyone says? Are they better like everyone says? Will they meet everyone’s needs? And the real question is, are we ready for driverless cars? The insurance companies also have to be ready for driverless cars, which they are not. A driverless car may be safer but would it take the out of driving while lessening driver’s responsibilities? (Crowe)There are many upsides about driverless cars as well as there are downfalls. It honestly depends on what kind of person you are and if you like driving or not. Like for example there would be no joy going on vacation and going through twist and turns. You may hate driving and that’s where you will like driverless cars because it can drop you off wherever you need to be dropped off at and when you’re ready it will pick you up. But when the vehicle is able to pick you up that’s lazy. According to Jacobsen, the obesity would only get worse if it were easier to drive a car (Jacobsen) .But driverless car are not safe. Yes they have a lot of positive functions but what about if someone hacks into your car? Of an average car nowadays, a car has a lot of computer chips. The computer chips don’t control the steering wheel obviously but computer chips have a lot of funtions to even start a car. So when we get driverless cars we are going to have to worry about people hacking into are cars now instead of breaking in them. So what if a hacker hacks your car?

So whose fault would it be when…

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