Driver's Argument (R-924)

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On 05 December 2015 around 0328 hours while parked stationary in the rite aid parking lot your affiant ( Patrolman William Moyer) observed a white SUV traveling East on West Center Street come to an abrupt stop for a red signal.
The SUV came to a stop with the front end of the vehicle sticking out into the southbound travel lane of Main Street (State Route 924).
Once the SUV'S signal turned green the vehicle began to make a right hand turn onto South Main Street.
The SUV was unable to make the turn without going into the northbound lane of travel crossing the double yellow line then bringing the vehicle back into the Southbound lane and continuing South.
Once the vehicle passed your affiants location, I pulled out to follow the SUV.
Once I
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The driver complied and opened the drivers’ door and began to exit the vehicle.
The driver stumbled and used the car for this balance.
The driver was advised to face the vehicle and lean against the rear driver’s side door.
The driver was placed in handcuffs behind his back at this time.
While being placed in handcuffs the driver began advising her was scared and did not know what to do.
The driver was then placed in the back seat of my patrol vehicle.
The driver was identified by his Pennsylvania drivers’ license as Michael CADAU, Date of Birth 06 April 1988. PA OLN: 28434366

I then proceeded to make contact with the passenger who was also the owner of the car.
The passenger was identified as Matthew MCTIERNAN DOB: 05 June 1987
Mctiernan was asked if he was okay, he advised he was.
While speaking with Mctiernan I observed an almost empty glass bottle of Bud Light Lime in the center cup holder.
Mctiernan was asked if the bottle was his, he advised that it was not his.
Mctiernan was asked if he was capable of driving the vehicle home, He advised that he was too intoxicated to driver and that he could call his mother for a ride
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I advised Cadau that I was going to read to him the Department of Transportation DL-26 Form.
I requested Officer Hand of the Frackville Police Department over to the back door of my patrol vehicle to witness me read Cadau the DL-26
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