Driver's Ed, by Caroline Cooney: Book Summary

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Driver’s Ed notes Mr. fielding-is the teacher-he is the drivers Ed teacher. He gets the kids confused He wishes he didn’t have to be a teacher. When he drives with kids he doesn’t look at the road he looks out the window listening to his walk man Remy- is in love with Morgan and loves to drive. Her mom just bought her a car so now she’s the first one to turn 16 and get a car. Her mom is 40 and just had a baby. She can’t stand her little brother Mac. She only messed up on time while driving. Christine-she scared to drive she switches names tags with Remy so she doesn’t have to drive Lark-is like a best friend to Remy. There almost always together. Lark is the out spoken one she’s not shy at all. Morgan is the boy who loves…show more content…
At the j.v victory game Morgan was no where to be found and when Remy got home he didn’t even call her. Remy started to have a break down and decided that she didn’t want to go to church anymore. None of the kids really wanted to go to church. They hated staying there so long and really hated the fact of staying there for so long. Remy ask her brother if he wanted to stop going to church he hated being on Morgan side even though he didn’t want to go to church either he still told her he wouldn’t break his mother heart and loved going to church. When Morgan got home his family yelled out eleven o’clock in any other house hold that means bed time but in Morgan’s house it means to watch the news. They all would sit around watching the news when a report that a 26 year old DENISE THOMPSON was hit broad side by a truck she was killed instantly. The police say there was suppose to be a stop sign. But on Denise way home from dropping her baby sister off came to the intersection with Warren Street, there was no stop sign. The car was crushed by a mason’s dump truck. The front door had been cut off to extricate the driver. Morgan was screaming on the inside but yet it was so loud it was like a truck was running through his brain. He thought to himself there’s supposed to be a stop sign on cherry road. Morgan heart burned. His heart seemed to catch fire he was hot and dry; he wanted to look at his skin but could not take his eyes off the screen. He thought to himself no body

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