Drivers Of Stability Of Mali

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DRIVERS OF STABILITY IN MALI Percy L. Jones II MCCC 04-15 July 30, 2015 Drivers of Stability in Mali The West African country of Mali has from time to time been mired in un-ending overlapping humanitarian, political, economic, and security crises. Notably, the situation in the country became worse when the government was destabilized and later overthrown in a 2012 military coup. Following the coup, insurgents were quick to capitalize on the resulting power vacuum and seize a greater portion of this country’s vast sparsely populated north. As of 2013, a number of loosely connected extremist groups including Al Qaeda were in full control of most towns in the northern region. It is estimated that the region that has from time to time fallen under their control is as large as Texas. In as much as the number of insurgent combatants (mainly Islamic) seems to be relatively small, they are now notorious, and have become more entrenched. The seriousness of their entrenchment is boosted by the fact that they have gone as far as ousting a separatist group of ethnic Tuaregs that had initially been very influential, even in recruiting members among locals. Meanwhile, the nominally civilian-dominated government (based in the capital Bamako) formed in the post-coup period continues to be weakened gradually by continuous internal wrangles and military interference. In addition, years of mega corruption and mismanagement seem to have stagnated progress in many state
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