Drivers toward Globalization: The Case of Northrop Grumman

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Drivers toward Globalization The Case of Northrup Grumman There are a number of reasons why the international business sector is being driven full force toward greater and rapid globalization. How particular companies face and manipulate these drivers can be very important, particularly when a company produces military, security and related technology products. Northrop Grumman (NG) is particularly unique in this situation for several reasons, including the fact that the major parts of its network have been in business and working globally for many years, and because of the reach of impact of what it does. NG quite literally has carried everyone from Lindbergh across the oceans to people to the moon. NG is a company that not only moves forward, but that makes it possible for other companies to do the same. And this means they have to do what's good for a part of their operations even while looking for what might be coming next. The five driving forces are outlined below. Then the more specific elements behind these forces are presented in light of how they have already influenced NG or on how they have set NG up for possible future actions. For the most part, the information about the company comes from its corporate website. Other supporting studies and press stories are cited as needed. This should provide an overview of why the company is so unique. Opening of New National Markets NG is both massively interested in this phenomenon but also a leader in making it

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