Driving A Zombie Apocalypse

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With government trust being one of the fears that is driving this zombie fad, it is important to note that in the event of an apocalypse, not only does this distrust lay on the shoulders of present and future government, it also has a lot to do with past government officials as well. In our history we have had many presidents, like Kennedy, George W. Bush, and now Obama promise us many things that they cannot deliver. These are the most recent presidents, but certainly not all. Each of them offered up ideas and ideals that seemed to be bullet proof and extraordinary solutions to the problems in our country, while all of them have fallen short in some way or another. Most of politics only benefits you if you support the person pushing the ideas…show more content…
Scary movies are one of the most popular genres out there, as well as mystery and crime books— this is because deep down people love to be scared. People are attracted to things they can’t explain and feelings, like fear, that they can’t control. The idea of zombies taking over our world is a very scary thought and it has been a growing fear in recent years in our society. Not only is the thought of our loved ones, neighbors, friends, or possibly even yourselves being undead and attacking your fellow community is a terrifying and disturbing thought. Fear of the unknown also plays a major role in the interest of zombies, and because no one knows exactly how our society will come to an end, we are terrified at the thought that it could be by a horrible outbreak. We like structure and safety in America, and for the most part we favor on the side of having more control. In the event of an apocalypse, all of those things would crumble, and the world would become complete chaos. That factor scares people, but also entices them at the same time. We are worried about a time with no rules or order, but also we are curious about what it would be like to lash out and act violently without getting in trouble. We also are fearful of a time when status and wealth does not matter. For example, in World War Z, the…show more content…
The main question many are asking is why? What caused this?? There are many factors that play into our obsession, or rather fear, of this idea. Some of the main factors are fear of the future, fear of disease, and just fear in general, distrust in our government, the media’s influence, and our constant need to belong and follow the crowd. We see that many opinions, like those from Kurt Schlichter, about our zombie obsession being linked to government shortcomings and disease are reinforced by our book, World War Z. We can also see that by looking at past fads and popular culture, just how substantial Julie Rehmeye and Robert Entman’s theories about Americans bandwagoning, and the power of the media to influence us are. No one can be certain that a zombie apocalypse is what will end our world, and whether you believe in it or not, it is still a very interesting and blood thrilling idea. It is understandable why people buy into the scary and horrifying obsession with zombies as an end to our society, over a boring conclusion, such as old age. Even if you do not personally believe in the reality of a zombie apocalypse, it is still highly useful to consider the ideology behind it when you are studying our society and popular culture. The zombie holds so much weight and so many contradicting and deep metaphors that help us explain the thoughts,
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