Driving Across The Golden Gate Bridge

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Driving across the golden gate bridge is a sight to see. Well it is a site o see if you can see through the layers of thick fog and if your car sat up high enough you could see out over the bridge. The air was not freezing, but there was a chill in the breeze that gave me goose bumps. Driving down crooked roads, and eating the sourdough bread instead of the soup inside it are special memories. It was a few days in San Francisco last summer that gave me a love for somewhere other than home. Being the middle child, my parents have always taken the older sibling on trips and so when the opportunity came around for a trip. The time was 11:00 am. The date was June 3rd, and the destination was San Francisco. When we arrived at the airport and were waiting to get on the plane the time flew by; 3 hours felt like 30 minutes. I waited anxiously for the plane to take off and when it did, my stomach turned upside down. I knew there was no turning back now. We landed at the San Francisco airport, and my parents told me we got a rental car, and I got to pick it out. I chose a slick, deep red Chrysler; the idea of that car gave me a spring in my step. The first item for sightseeing was Alcatraz. It thrilled me. I had just spent three trimesters
In AP History, and then I got to visit one of those historical places I had learned about. We had
To ride a ferry to Alcatraz, but when we go off the ferry the vivid image of history was around me. Inside the basement of Alcatraz we were given…

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