Driving And Technology

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“I realize how easy it is for my life to be over because I wasn’t paying attention.” This quote was taken from a woman named Amanda Clark, who had her own experience in a car accident caused by texting and driving. She often goes around and talks to others about it and gives awareness to the issue that seems to be growing more and more with our increasing technology usage. While there are many articles, statistics, and prevention on texting and driving, Jacob Silverman brings up points in his book, “Terms of Service” on how technology, or better yet, social medias are a huge distraction to many individuals of different ages in this era. To begin with, our growth in technology has taken a huge turn from helping us better ourselves to almost becoming the…show more content…
Along with this conclusion of the test it was also found that gender did not play any role in this; there was not a higher rate of female or male that texted more while driving. Nonetheless, with the testing conclusion it was found that even though people used their phone less while the car was activated, and the devices were still used, making it a dangerous situation for anyone near the vehicle. There are many stories out in the public about survivors from car accidents caused by texting and driving and some stories about the people that killed others due to their texting and driving. Such story is Amanda Clark’s, which is narrated by her mother who bawls her eyes out every time she retells it to individuals that need to be warned such as high school students who freshly receive their licence and begin to feel too confident while driving. Most listeners get emotional when she tells the story. From personal experience alongside other individual’s experiences from being on the road, we have noticed a similar age range. Although we know a lot of teenagers that text at a red light, we hadn’t really seen any teenagers in motion and on the phone. Many of
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