Driving Behavior Analysis

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METHODOLOGY 3.1 INTRODUCTION These chapters discuss the process and method that used in this study. The research involved find the problem parameters to be investigate, choosing and applying the selected sensor for data collection, analyzing and find the final result. It should be design and made precisely to get an accurate data. This is very important in order to achieve the goals and objective of the research. This research study was conducted based on the methodology. This methodology plays an important role in implementing this research study accordingly. The details of the methodology are explained in detail in this chapter. 3.2 STUDY DESIGN The study design is important because it determines the success or failure of research. This study design guides the arrangement for the collection and analysis of data so that the conclusion can be drawn. Study design is a detailed plan of how a research study is to be conducted. To conduct this study, the implementation process is divided into four stages: 3.2.1 Identifying problems The process before research is must identify the problem. The objective of the study can be determined from the problems that have already identified. For this study, the collection of data from sensor that already installed on test car is to find the driver behavior as road user that carried out at the different road destination. The test is conduct based on different parameters. The sensor that might be used is GPS sensor,
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