Driving Forces Affecting The Environment And Competitive Structure Within The Child Care

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There are several driving forces affecting the environment and competitive structure within the child care. We will examine them in greater detail below. As technology advances, more and more consumers are looking to the internet to make their purchasing decisions, including child care. In addition, to fully research options, consumers are looking for more robust, interactive websites. Therefore, some child care centers are offering virtual walkthrough’s of their facility on their website. Additionally, many centers offer tuition calculators (customizable pricing based on hours required and the child’s age), real-time waiting list information, and the facility calendar up to one year in advance. Another is the increase in the ability to…show more content…
As incomes rise the market for premium child care options, which may include upgraded preschool options, nutritional offerings to cater to many different diets and eating styles (e.g. vegan, Paleo, nut free, gluten free etc.). Conversely, if the nay-sayers have their way and the U.S. again faces an economic downturn and jobs are lost, the decreasing market will increase competition among child care centers to attempt to maintain their market share. Some Montessori’s participate in the state subsidy programs which assist low income families in paying for their child care. This expands their market and increases their market share, however to participate in these programs requires the center be susceptible to the frequent regulatory and governmental policy changes. This can place an exceptional burden on the child care providers to remain abreast of the requirements and meet them, despite the possibility of frequent changes. One other area of concern for local Montessori’s and child care centers nationally is the fluctuations in societal concerns for the children enrolled. In the past twenty years public opinion, research, and scholarly recommendations have oscillated between enrollment results in lower development in the child, to enhanced development-and everything in between. While public opinion certainly affects the industry, parents will still need child care, therefore this driving force has a rather weak influence on the industry. Industry
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