Driving From An Imperfect World

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Driving in an Imperfect World Alexis Stapleton Sullivan University ENG 102: Composition 2 August 7, 2014 ABSTRACT Driving is nerve-racking enough without having to worry about other drivers. Some may avoid it at any cost because of the fear of danger. Finding ways to make it safer will put many minds at ease. People with medical conditions, reckless drivers, and distracted drivers are some of the main reasons why rules need to change. Fixing them can be done by making it mandatory for all drivers to pass written and driving exams every five years to assure all precautious are being taken. Keywords: driving, danger, rules, change, and exams Driving in an Imperfect World A person is more likely to die driving in a car than…show more content…
Today, it is very simple and easy to renew a license. Anyone can go online or to an Indiana license branch to renew it as long as they meet some certain requirements. Only a small fee is to be paid and no tests. Unless the license had been expired for six months to three years or the driver has more than six points on their license, then they have to pass the written knowledge test. If the license has been expired for more than three years, driver has to pass the written knowledge test and the driving skills test (drivers manual chapter 2). Those are the only reasons why drivers must retake the tests. Indiana should require all drivers to renew their license by passing a written knowledge and driving skills exam every five years due to the medical conditions of drivers the recklessness of drivers, and drivers distracted while behind the wheel. The medical conditions of drivers can affect them exponentially. Alzheimer’s, diabetes, epilepsy, and narcolepsy are some of the most dangerous while driving when complications occur. There are already many restrictions for drivers with medical conditions. Restriction 8, from the Indiana Bureau of motor vehicles, says that once the condition is put on the license it takes the driver getting an approved doctors statement confirming the condition is no longer a hazard. Having these restrictions on the license, would make transportation difficult for suffers but it’s for their own good. Drivers with
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