Driving Habits That Lead to Fatality

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If there was a self survey questioning one’s personal driving skills, most would consider themselves a pretty good driver. Many would say that they abided by laws, and even if they didn’t, they would still consider themselves good drivers. However, drivers today have many bad habits but often are blind to them because they have had them for so long now. No matter how drivers may justify their habits, accidents still occur every 15 minutes. Altogether, approximately 1.2 million people die from a car accident each year. Bad driving habits can range from simply trying to “multi-task” when behind the wheel, to “having one drink” and considering oneself to be fine to drive. Imagine how many of these accidents could have been avoided by simply changing the occurrence and development of these bad habits. The top causes of car accidents involve many simple, mindless habits that a driver may not even be aware of having. Bad driving habits can occur from outside factors as well as inside factors. Some not so obvious habits are, not using turn signals, tailgating, and failing to be aware of road conditions. Failing to do something such as using turn signals may seem like a minor habit but in reality it can cause quite some danger. When one fails to use a turn signal, other drivers cannot anticipate what the next move may be. Tailgating is something that many people do not even catch themselves doing. Driving too closely to the car ahead can cause accidents very quickly and takes away
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