Driving Improved Business Performance Through Top Team Effectiveness

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Organisational structure 1. Driving Improved business performance through top team effectiveness:- Holden is a global manufacturer and distributor of motor vehicle, engines, components and parts. Holden and GM globally, viewing Australia as design centre of excellence and an important springboard into the growing Asian markets. Despite their Australian market successes, Holden realised that to complete on the global sytage they need to move to a higher plane of leadership and collaboration. In essence, Holden wished to have an outstanding executive team, with excellent individual skills but also the mechanisms to engage effectively as a team, to realise strategic business imperatives. In Australia, the company recently recruited a new…show more content…
build an understanding of the impact of team’s leadership on organisational climate e. Agree a plan and a prioritised agenda for the team development The Board also developed specific goals representing priority areas for improved team effectiveness: these include direction and purpose, work processes and behavioural norms. In subsequent assignments with Holden we have helped the cascade of change process further to organisation. 3. The Outcome For the Board a. A new mandate and role clarity for the members of the board b. Shared accountability for agreed business outcomes c. Agreed meeting structures and more effective meeting processes d. Better leverage of individual capabilities and collaboration around the board table. For the business a. 20% increase in the profit to $285 ( in comparison to ford and mitsubishi ) b. Holden’s exports have increased consistently over the periods. c. Holden has maintained its market leadership in Ausralaia. Mission Holden mission is to provide the automotive products and services to meet customers expectations profitability. In pursuing these goals they will endeavour to build the relationship that will far outlast their product and series. Their mission is to help sellers and sales organisations reach their sales potential, by transforming their process through research based strategies in the form of game changing sales habits. Through our years of experience, they have seen sellers derive immediate sales
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