Driving Laws And Penalties For Teens

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Becoming a teenager is all about transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Gaining more privileges give teens freedom and responsibilities. Driving can be a deadly privilege if not taken seriously. With more teens dying behind the wheel, changes need to be made. Driving laws and penalties for teens should be drastically changed to prevent deaths and injuries. It is important to try to stop this issue from the source before teens start to drive by themselves. According to Huffington Post, one in five United States teens never took any form of driver’s education courses before getting their licenses. While going to driver’s education isn’t mandatory in all states, it can still help improve teens driving, says Road Safety Authority. Also, while at driver’s education teens can learn new techniques such as defensive driving from a professional. Making driver’s education mandatory in all states can help teens be safe and skilled drivers. Not only does every state need to make this mandatory, but driver’s education courses need to be made free.
Another way to prevent teen accidents from the very start is more practice time. Surprisingly, “the greatest lifetime chance of crashing occurs in the first 6 months after licensure,” says Teen Driver Source. From looking at this statistic, teens need more time with having their permit before getting their license. Practicing more with an adult by a teen’s side can help prepare them better for driving with their new license. It needs to…

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