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What I Learned at Driving School Driving school was quite the experience for me. To say the least, it was extremely interesting. I learned so much from this course, which I did not even know I could learn so much about driving in four hours! Throughout my paper, I will talk about the main topics that I learned and what I expect to make me a better driver. The Alabama Graduated Drivers License Law was one of the main things I learned during this course. This law is very important today and became affected on October 1, 2002. A Fifteen year old with a valid learner’s license are to be accomplished by a parent or legal guardian of the age of twenty-one with a valid divers license. This law states that six-teen year olds must not operate…show more content…
If you are speeding in a construction zone, your fine will be doubled! If it says “construction workers present” and you do not see them, it is NOT okay to speed. The workers are probably there, but not in sight. You will still get a ticket if speeding in this zone!! While operating a vehicle, you are to have several required documents at a traffic stop. When stopped for a traffic violation, you are to always have the following items: driver license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. As of May 8, 2009, all motor vehicles operated on Alabama highways must have liability insurance. If you do not have insurance and involved in an accident, you will have to pay. Minimum coverage for a single injured individual is $25,000 and $50,000 for two or more injuries. A first conviction for not having mandatory liability insurance holds a fine up to $500 plus court cost. Drinking and driving is a wide spread practice. Drinking while driving is a main factor in traffic crashes. There are several things we should know about alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. It interferes with all judgment, lowers alertness, and slows the normal reflexes. Some people think they feel stimulated after the consumption of alcohol. They feel this way because their inhibitions are lowered, causing loss of caution and self control. It simply doesn’t matter if you are drinking wine, whiskey, or beer- it’s the amount of alcohol you let enter your body.

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