Driving Under The Influence Of The United States

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Driving under the influence is a crime the majority of the population of Florida has committed and continues to commit on a daily basis. This crime has serious consequences, not only legal ramifications, but can cause serious bodily injury to the driver and pedestrians on or near the road way. Why do Floridians continue to break this law and put themselves and their loved ones in danger? It seems as if impaired judgement and ego play a big part in their decision to take a gamble with their life. Every day in America, another 28 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. (Madd.org) The response of the public is always negative when we hear of crashes or loss of life involving DUI but these same people decide to drive while intoxicated themselves. Floridians drive without thinking about the consequences. The majority of fatal car crashes are caused DUI related events.

Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 TIMES, but fewer than 4,000 are arrested (Madd.org). Driving while under the influence puts drivers and others lives at risk and the consequences can be prevented. There are a variety of solutions to getting behind the wheel while under the influence such as UBER, having a designated driver, taxi cab and simply waiting until the impairments of the alcoholic beverages have subsided. Many campaigns and concerned citizens have developed awareness groups like MADD or DrinkingandDriving.org to raise awareness and educate the public about resources to prevent DUI.…
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