"Driving While Black", Abbreviated As Dwb, Is A Phrase

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"Driving while black", abbreviated as DWB, is a phrase in American English that refers to the racial profiling of African American drivers. The phrase implies that a motorist might be pulled over by a police officer, questioned, and searched, simply because of a racial bias.Racism and Racial profiling is everywhere in homes, Religion, and even states like Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Illinois. Imagine you 're an African American male or female driving down a street minding your own business then suddenly you 're stopped for the car you 're driving and or the color of your skin.Racial profiling — as well as profiling based on religion, ethnicity and national origin — continues to plague our nation despite the…show more content…
Due to racial profiling we regard terrorists as any type of brown male. It is the society we live in and hence we have no choice to deal with it.
What exactly does the term racial profiling meaning? One could say that it is the consideration of race in criminal investigations. “For example, the popular term “DWB”, means that black people are more scrutinized and thought of when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (Geek). It is also a state of imagery that comes to mind when thinking of a crime; one tends to think of African Americans as the cause of most crimes. everywhere. As a nation we grow up watching television shows and movies that instigate people of another race are bad or tend to get into more trouble. Whether it is an African- American man who is completing a drug deal in the newest blockbuster flick, or a Muslim plotting another terror attack on the latest action television episode. Of course I do not agree with the actions taken by the individuals who took thousands of lives in the horrible act of terror in New York City on September 11, 2001. These events shook our nation to the core and instilled fear in many; nobody will forget where they were the day the twin towers fell and innocent people lost their lives. Even though it was a dark day in America it does not give us permission to treat everyone who is of Muslim descent, or any race for that matter like a criminal.

We are all human beings

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