Driving While Driving And Driving

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Driving and Distraction In an age dominated by technology, an individual's cell phone is a very important device for the function of day to day tasks. Whether driving to the grocery store, driving to work, or driving to a friends house, chances are you have used your cell phone at least once while operating a vehicle, but is this dangerous? Simultaneously driving and the use of a cell phone is deemed illegal in many states under the presumption that it is a distraction to driving. This legislation is usually preconceived under the notion that the distraction comes from peripheral factors associated with the use of a cell phone and not the conversation on the cell phone itself. Past research measured individuals who were using a cell phone prior to an accident, but this questions validity. These individuals whom used a cell phone before an accident could be prone to more risky behavior on the road and not due to the use of the cell phone itself. Other research attempted to measure distraction with phone conversations, but relied on arithmetic, reasoning, and mental tasks, all which are not of a typical phone conversation. Research conducted in 2001 by Strayer and Johnston aimed to resolve these issues by measuring the extent in which the use of cell phone by conversation interferes with driving and the underlying factors for the interference. This research is of utmost importance because individuals could not only be putting their self at risk when using a cellphone while
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