Driving the Highway for Destruction

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As more incidents of fatal motor accidents flood in and the death road toll of young people slowly increases, media moguls, concerned youths and the general community alike have expressed discontent to such reckless behaviour. In an imploring opinion piece, titled “Driving the Highway from Destruction!” (Place of publication: Ednews, Date: unknown), an astute student, Elly heart denounces such misconceptions imposed upon young people and vehemently argues for the change in public perceptions and values. In addition to this, with the two large images embedded in her article, the opinion piece suggests a clear contention: that all drivers, both young and experienced, should take greater care in ensuring our safety on the roads. Instantly…show more content…
Claiming that crushing the perpetrators’ cars as a form of punishment will only act as a “totally wasteful destruction of resources”, Hard portrays the proposed change to be one that is indeed, economically and environmentally unsustainable. In doing so, the writer’s candid opinion on the matter attempts to sway readers by alluding to a more practical approach to curtail the crises of the increased road death tools. Despite this grim reality however, Hart places a great amount of her article on devising a solution. Using her own ideas as an example to follow, Hart’s emphasis on “cooperation” and public input by the general community exhibits a clear solution: to disseminate her message of unity and social cohesion further. By speaking in the first person, as she pleads that “I am calling for your suggestions”, the writer aims to build a rapport with the reader as she is humanised. This effect is then augmented further, as by endearing readers to “contribute your slogan and other ideas” by “[sending] them” to elly@ednews.or.au, the writer provides an active outlet for public discussion. Lastly, by including her own poster, Hart is placed in a position of credibility and authenticity. Depicting an array of slogans and visual double meanings, the poster aims to elicit in the viewer a sense of hope and amelioration. By portraying two hands holding onto a steering wheel which a caption that reads “our lives in our hands”,
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