Drone Program Research Paper

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I. Introduction In today’s fast paced society, technology is a growing field that is evolving at an astounding pace. Since the 1900s, when the first energy powered airplanes were invented, breakthroughs in aircraft technology have grown exponentially, leading to the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. Drones are vehicles that do not need a person within it to operate and can be controlled in a remote location or by programming. By the 1930s, new drones emerged as a combat training tool. For example, the Queen Bee, the first returnable and reusable drone, was designed for use as an aerial target during training missions. Gunners in the Royal Navy practiced shooting them down at first sight. During the 1960s, drones…show more content…
[3] It is not just foreign terrorists who are targeted by drones, but sometimes American citizens overseas as well. The current protocol for targeting overseas American citizens is being called out to undergo reform, as it is deemed unconstitutional and laid too much power in the hands of the president. The president gets the power to ultimately decide the fate of an American citizen. The Fifth Amendment says that no person shall be denied life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. These may be Americans that have committed treason by signing up with another country or another group against us, but it just makes me uncomfortable that the president, whoever it is, is the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, and the executioner, all rolled into one. (Angus King, senator Maine) [4] The usage of drones gives the government an ultimate power over its citizens. This power in all ways violates the rights of the American citizen. Rather than questioning the suspect, under current legislation they are essentially sent straight to slaughter, without any way of defending or speaking for themselves. They have no chance to stand on trial once they are targeted [5]. Current legislation allows for drone attacks on United States citizens when: They are believed to be “senior operational leaders” of Al Qaeda or “an associated force” Even when there is no clear evidence that the American targeted is engaged in an
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