Drone Warfare: A Different Warfare Essay

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The world has always been filled with fighting and always will be. There are a lot of factors that determine who comes out on top. Technology is always the deciding factor. With that technology, there are many conflicts. The U.S. Military using drones has been one of the most highly debated topics. Even through the doubt, Military drones have proven time and time again to work. Drones are being constantly updated and fixing any flaws that they have at the moment. In the future, drone warfare is unavoidable. When drones were first invented, of course, they did not work amazing. Throughout the years that drones have been around, they shown that they are becoming a more advanced and needed machine. The world is becoming increasingly…show more content…
The Russians captured Gary. Gary’s incident shows just how dangerous sending our troops over really is. After Gary’s plane crashed, the U.S. Air force developed the satellite. The satellite was the biggest step forward for drones. Satellites used GPS which helped drones on the ground navigate and become precise. Having GPS, drones were able to advance extremely. The article, Unmanned Military Aircraft, states that “GPS utilizes satellites circling the Earth to establish the position of a building or person to within a few feet. Drones equipped with GPs, therefore, can be directed with great percussion.” The article’s statement explains shows how far drones have come in advancement since it’s first development in World War I. Today, the U.S. Air Force already has much of the technology needed for drones. The B-2 Stealth bomber is a prime example. A B-2 pilot states that, “Guess how long we are actually flying the B-2 out of the 34 hours it takes to go from Missouri to Baghdad and back? About two minutes. The rest of the time is spent playing cards, eating, or sleeping.” Today’s aircraft already fly themselves. Technology has advanced to the point where today, pilots are unneeded. The Boeing 777, a commercial jet, can take off and land without any input from a pilot. The new Boeing 777s can take off from a designated spot and land somewhere else without a pilot even in the cockpit. The era for drones is here. The Global Hawk few from
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