Drones: A Case Study

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Economic Questions and Considerations The popularity of drones being used in the military has increased over the last decade. The prospect of using drone has ignited widespread debate over its usage. However, this debate is currently focused on America and some of its allies in using for surveillance and some strike missions with enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan and against alleged terrorist around the world under the banner of unnamed war against terrorism. Although this is the case, there is much other potential utilization of the drone technology. Most of the growth in the industry will be from the commercial or the civilian side, an example of which is Amazon’s drone delivery service. Another example is the use of drone off a handful…show more content…
There are plenty of commercial interest such as in law enforcement and for agricultural use, although there are other UAV uses such as delivery of commercial goods are also emerging. Another usage is its efficiency as pipeline surveillance. These are just some examples of how the economy can benefit from this industry. Another factor that needs to be considered as well in the growth of the UAV is its integration with the National Airspace System (NAS). “The UAS community embraced this new push to promote and increase the presence of their technology within the mainstream transportation system of the U.S. Unfortunately, the FAA created a complex, bureaucratic authorization program with which UAS operators were forced to comply (FAA, 2012b). This has made UAS research and operations costly and prohibitive, leaving only a limited number of entities able to sustain regular UAS usage (J. Gibbs, personal communications, March 4, 2013)” (Ison,…show more content…
As an event videographer, I can see this in my arsenal of tools to film aerial dramatic footages. Drones in filming will allow me to capture footages from vantage points that I would never be able to get. It can give the videographer’s unique perspective to capture videos on events. I can see this technology into the filming of motion pictures. As a matter of fact, “some films abroad have been shot in part with video cameras aboard UAV’s, even as similar use of drones has not been permitted in the United States. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) received an exemption from the FAA so drones may be used in U.S. film production as well, contending that exemption will ensure more domestic film production. The industry argued that it was an appropriate industry in which to begin using UAV’s because filming occurs in tightly controlled locations. Drones used for this purpose are generally owned and operated by specialized aerial photo and video production contractors” (Canis,
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