Drones : An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ( Uav )

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Drones, a more recent topic of controversy are changing the views of the world, some suspect for the better while other believe for the worse. Until recently, drones have become increasingly popular and have influenced an increase in civilian use. Drones hold a substantial amount of benefits as they do negative. As drones become more popular, deeper regulations should be put in place. Protecting the society is the top priority. To do this, the government needs to regulate drone use for government officials, approve commercial businesses, and keep them out of most civilian hands.
Drones are most commonly used within the government. A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). These vehicles date back to 1862 when they were first used by the military as pilotless balloons filled with bombs, stated by Ian Shaw, in the article The Rise of the Predator Empire. Drone use is extremely popular today in the military for several reasons. The most important being that drones decrease military casualties and injuries. The article, Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad, by Pro’sCon.org, states that the use of drones can eliminate the need for military personnel to be on the soil. These vehicles provide a clear and closer image than a plane or helicopter could provide. Because fewer military personnel are needed on the ground, there is less of a risk for PTSD. ““Only 4% of active-duty-drone pilots are at “high risk for PTSD” compared to the 12-17% of soldiers
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