Drones Breach Essay

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Unfortunately, in the scenario, it seems that firm I have contracted with is heading for a breach of contract. I now have to significantly wait for my drones. I may now be entitled to compensatory damages and can recover what it will cost to rush order the build of these six drones from another manufacturer. This would make my firm whole against as if the breach had not occurred. My firm will also incur additional costs to find another manufacturer of the drones if they can be rush delivered, I may also be able to get those incidental damages due to the breach. I may also be entitled to consequential damages if the soonest I could get the drones delivered by another manufacturer for a few weeks and I lose money on contract I have with…show more content…
I cannot look at this as an opportunity to seize. Novation could be an option yet to find a firm that would rush build the exact drones for the same price within the week would probably be unlikely. I should reasonably establish an effort to find alternative solutions to this problem. Some of the things I could explore would be to ask the manufacturer if they have loaner drones we could use for the next months they may not meet our needs perfectly but would be good enough until we customize drones can be delivered. We could try to find another drone manufacturer who could deliver the drones sooner, but possibly at a higher price. We could then ask the original drone manufacturer to pay the incremental costs of having another firm rush build the drones for us. Another solution would be to subcontract out the drone work for our firm until we the drones are delivered. Lastly, we could ask our customer to push back their surveys to a later date once we have the drones offering some sort of discount for their flexibility. All of these solutions would probably end up cost my firm more than if the drones had been originally delivered on time, but some options would result in damages to be recovered. The law says that as long as any of these solutions are reasonably my firm should attempt to reduce damages as much as possible. When a party must breach a contract the
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