Drones : Can We Develop A Humane System?

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Drones: Can We Develop a Humane System? Through the smoke and debris, a young child’s hand can be seen struggling to reach out from under the rubble of what was once his home. This situation is all too real around the world as the unrest of the Middle East rages on. Innocent civilians and children are killed every day as world leaders pledge to fight injustice with peace and tolerance. As technologies have evolved through the years, humans manage to find more destructive methods of killing one another. At one point in history, humans utilized cutting edge weapons such as knives and spears to do their bidding, however, humans have “developed” further. Drones have been overwhelmingly utilized by the United States’ military since the tragedy…show more content…
According to John Horgan, a distinguished journalist, since the U.S led coalition against the Islamic State began approximately 1,200 civilians have been killed. To put that into perspective, ISIS attacks have claimed roughly the same number of civilian lives outside of Iraq and Syria. Many of those who are advocates of using such weapons in warfare claim that when collateral damage does occur, it is always unintentional. Be that as it may, the shocking frequency of causalities among civilians and children at the hands of the U.S led coalition renders this excuse trivial at best. The fact that the United States can have some of its pilots safe at home carrying out missions cannot be overlooked which is why a compromise between these two sides must be found. The consequences of collateral damage are some of the most overlooked aspects of drone warfare. Combatting terrorism with indiscriminate airstrikes is very similar to fighting Hydra the mythical creature. According to the myth, every time that Hercules had severed the head of the monster another two grew in its place. This analogy is shockingly similar to what is going on in the Middle East because many areas that have been attacked by airstrikes became breeding grounds for terrorists. Jared R. Dmello and Michelle A. Cubellis claim that “[i]mages of innocents ‘murdered by the evil West’ increase this
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