Drones Is Becoming An Increasingly Popular Technology Item Essay

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The use of drones is becoming an increasingly popular technology item. Initially developed and restricted to only military use, the advances in technology have suddenly made the public use of drones more accessible. Although, consumer version drones are not as sophisticated and complex as military drones, the principal remains relatively the same. In 2015, worldwide spending on drones was at $4 billion. This was set to more than triple in the next decade with military drone research spending estimated at $30 billion in the next 10 years. (Keller, 2015) The concept of drones is still relatively new to consumers, however they have been around for and used by the military for many decades already. This essay will describe the broad classifications of drones in service used by the military and the airpower task they are employed in. It will also discuss with examples their effectiveness and will evaluate whether the development of unmanned aviation in the 21st century is like the replay of development of manned heavier than air flight in the 20th century. Finally, it will describe the possible military and civilian task for drones in the future ahead.

A drone can also be called an unmanned aircraft system (UAS). There are also other terms such as ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems’ (RPAS) and ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV)’ used, but in reference they are all same being “An aircraft / aircraft-system that is flown from a remote location without a pilot located in the
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