Drone´s Should Not Be Used unless They are Completed Controlled and Tested

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With the large strides and advancements in different branches of consumer and industrial electronics, interest in one piece of technology has grown exponentially, drones. Drones have become more than only a hobbyist’s toy, stretching into police surveillance and even into industrial uses. These drones, covering our skies, not only become a safety concern but also a privacy concern. Laws and regulations need to be put in place for the use of drones in order to protect the safety and privacy of citizens. The main reason why hobbyist drones need to be regulated is because of the public security problem that they create once they are in the hands of general consumers. The newest of the hobbyist drones can cost anywhere from $100 to upwards of $1000 and vary in sizes and weights which can be flown with a simple remote control from over a quarter mile away (“Drone 101: What is a Quadcopter”). The greater the price of the drone, the smaller the drone, and the stronger it is. This variation of costs and abilities allows consumers have the ability to choose a drone that best fits their needs and requirements. While many hobbyists use their drones to fly over cities or meadows with small cameras attached in order to record scenery, there are also many other uses (Senese). In the hands of the wrong person, these drones could possibly provide a new way for sinister acts, such as carrying illegal items or weapons across borders and into prisons, to take place without the pilot actually

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