Drones Thesis Statement

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Drones are now in much more parts of the world and are being discussed all about all over the world. Some may think drones are bad and should not be used while others think that they have a very positive effect. In this essay I will describe to you all the different reasons why drones should be kept. Drones should be kept commercially and militarily.
“Drones are playing an increasingly important role in warfare around the world.” This was stated by Warren, Stephan. Drones save a ton of soldier's life when they fight during combat. My interpretation is that every single soldier's life is a plus into keeping the country safe. The more soldiers in a country the better it is for the country to be kept safe. This statement refers back to my thesis
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Filmmakers are using drones equipped with cameras to capture footage that would otherwise be dangerous and expensive to shoot.” This was stated by Warren stephan. This can lead to filmmakers having a bigger industry a bigger place to work with. So they can capture more film in more places than before and it easier to tell stories for these filmmakers. This refers back to my thesis statement because this increases film abilities.
“The public is concerned that camera drones could be used to peer into windows and spy on people. ” This was stated by Warren Stephan They can intrude people’s privacy and can cause unwanted footage. My interpretation is that yes this is true drones can be intruding to people privacy and can be unwanted. This is the fault of the people that control the drone it is not because of the drone itself. This proves that my thesis statement is able to be argued against and that’s it’s not a yes or no sentence or a
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The number one reason drones should be kept because it saves a lot of people's lives all over the world. Second, it gives a lot of people other jobs and new jobs and that helps our growing population. Third, it gives Filmmakers a much bigger industry to work with and it widens the field of recording. The Drones should be kept for a number of reasons and the positives outweigh the negatives by a large amount. Every single point that has been stated above has been scientifically proven and I stated my interpretation. So these reasons are not only things that i personally think but are also things that have been proven by science. So these reasons are significant enough to keep drones running and to keep them in the
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