Drones : What Are They And How Do They Work?

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When the topic of drones is brought up, some may think they are not among us and are objects of the future, while others may have one that they’ve built themselves and put to use already. Drones are being talked about more and more but not necessarily all for good reasons. The reading titled “From the Eyes of a Drone” by Tomas van Houtryve touches upon how drones affect surveillance, photography, and use for weapons. In a BBC article, “Drones: What Are They and How Do They Work?” the author goes into specific detail on how the United States is planning to use drones for the military. If regular drone use becomes a normality in society, it is true that amazing photography will be a positive outcome but what about privacy? Drones can aid the military as well, but if they are released for the general public to use on the daily things may get out of control. While drones can impact several aspects of life positively, they can create even more harm than one may think. Drone use has changed the photography world for the better. They can capture extremely HD panoramas from high up in the sky. This makes it easier for journalists or even just photography lovers to acquire a photo. Instead of just a normal photograph, the drone can take an exceptional 360 degree shot with no human necessary. Houtryve mentions how drones have impacted the art of photography undoubtedly, “It seems clear that when the next chapter in the evolution of photography is written, drones will have a very…

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