Dropbox Vs. Hotel Industry Essay

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Airbnb vs. Hotel industry
For many, hotels are considered the classic travel option, and in some cases the only one. The question here is why is the hotel industry against Airbnb? The clear answer for me is money. The rules have changed since Airbnb is in the game. More and more, travelers are choosing to stay in people’s homes instead of traditional hotels and this has become a potential threat to hotels. Although Airbnb was best known as a cheaper alternative to hotels, that’s not necessarily true. For example, in Malibu Airbnb prices range between $40 for a “Cali vintage Airstream with beautiful Canyon views” and $10,000 for “Malibu modern 6bd hilltop retreat”, although there are more expensive listings (Airbnb).
Numbers don’t lie, as pointed out by the travel firm Phocusright, from 2011 to 2015 the amount of people who chose “private accommodations” over hotels went from 10% to about 33% (Glusac). Airbnb has become a reliable option for every type of traveler, including those who travel for leisure or for business. It is also undeniable that Airbnb offers a much wider range of products than hotels such as the ability to stay in a tree house or on a boat.
In the hotel vs. shared economy battle, the straw that broke the camel’s back is the fact that Airbnb has begun attracting business travelers, which are considered “the bread-and-butter clientele of hotels” (Glusac). As a result, hotels are anticipating an important economic impact on their revenue. In the United States

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