Dropout From High School And The Consequences Of Their Actions Essay

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This project will explore the many issues that are associated with students that dropout from high school and the consequences of their actions. We will look at the percentages of adults that have dropped out and what states have the highest amount. We will also look at how dropping out from high school affects the earning potential of adults that did not finish high school. We will also look what percentage is highest among who fail to finish high school among ethnic groups. In high schools across America the dropout rate has sky rocketed over the past years. Over a million of the students who enter ninth grade each fail to graduate with their peers four years later. Indeed, about seven thousand students quit school day. As the case may be, this statistic was common fifty years ago, but the times have changed in which a high school dropout could earn a living wage. Dropouts greatly curtail their likelihood to achieve a good job and a bright future. However, not only do the people themselves suffer, but each class of dropouts is responsible for extraordinary economic and community costs along with the state and country in which that reside.

Although graduation rates are a basic indicator of how schools are fundamentally achieving, only a short while ago have those rates been harshly analyzed and the amount of the disaster in America‘s high school been shown. For years, schools and districts announced ambiguous or false graduation rates, and as a consequence, the American

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