Dropping The Atomic Bombs

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The decision for the United States to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been debated since the days they were dropped, just as it was debated in the days leading up to the drop. It is a debate that people will likely always disagree on, considering it is such a high controversial topic. The United States had been fighting the Japanese Empire for years, and had not made any significant strides that indicated a success any time soon. Due to this seemingly never ending struggle, the United States made the decision to drop two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These bombs were more deadly and destructive than any weapons had ever been before and caused the suffering and death of thousands of innocent civilians.…show more content…
Throughout Victory in the Pacific, images are shown focusing on the conditions that American soldiers faced while fighting the Japanese army. Footage of death and destruction are accompanied with interviews with Americans soldiers recounting the circumstances and fear that they felt while fighting. The Japanese tunnels are discussed emphasizing the torment that these tunnels placed on the American soldiers due to the fact that they never knew when Japanese soldiers would appear and where they would come from. The tunnels ran all through the hills that they American soldiers moved along while fighting the Japanese and the intricate connection of tunnels gave the Japanese a huge advantage. The video continues to talk about the many ways that this took a physical and emotional toll on the American soldiers as it discusses the attacks on Sugar Loaf Hill. During the Battle of Okinawa, the American soldiers were forced to travel on ridges and mountains trying to get to a position where they could attack the Japanese, but they Japanese army had already created an intricate pathway of tunnels through the ridges that allowed them to move along the mountains and hills underneath the American soldiers and then sneak up right next to or even behind them. This took an obvious physical toll on the American soldiers as they never knew when the Japanese were going to attack, however they also took an emotional and mental toll on the soldiers due to the fact that they could never relax. The American soldiers never had a moment of peace and could never escape the violence of the war. As word of the conditions that the American soldiers were fighting in reached the American homeland, the American people hated the Japanese even more as the two cultures lived and fought in two very opposing
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