Dropping the Atomic Bomb: Was It Necessary?

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Dropping the Atomic Bomb: Was it really necessary? In 1945, the United States with help from Canada, released a new force into unsuspecting Japan which shocked the world. It was the weapon the Manhattan project spent months working on while spending approximately $20 billion. It used up to 12% of America’s electricity during the war even though many people did not know what they were working on. It was a weapon so powerful that many heads of this project feared it would go terribly wrong. It would save many lives and end many others. It was the atomic bomb. This weapon of mass destruction was used on two Japanese cities during World War 2 though it was very controversial. However, with further review, it was completely necessary to drop…show more content…
Without the demonstration of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Truman’s statement would not have been taking as seriously as it was. This would help stop war for the next few decades as no one except the Soviet Union would reach this level of technology for the next few years. Not only did the bomb reduce the casualties in Japan, it also helped intimidate Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union by showing him their military might. When Japan would be defeated, the United States would use the bombs to make sure Soviet Union did not attack them right after. Gertrud Szilard, a head of the Manhattan Project, said according to James Byrnes, secretary of state at that time, “[he thought] Russia might be more manageable if impressed by American military might” (pg 184). He wanted to tame this so called giant and a demonstration of these bombs was the only way to do that. The Soviet Union was the one of the strongest powers at that time alongside America and it had to be dealt with eventually as the Soviet Union wanted a world filled with communism. This was the opposite of the United States dream of democracy so these two “super powers” as they were called, would have to clash. The fear created by the atomic bomb would also save many lives because a war with Russia would end many lives for the United States as well as Canada, since Canada would join and help America. Canada is also
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