Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

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Dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima With the closing of the Second World War at hand, Harry S. Truman represented the United States in Potsdam Germany to decide the fate of a post war world. The key individuals in the conference consisted of the allied leaders, Soviet Premier Stalin, Prime Minister Churchill, and Truman. Dubbed the “big Three” in the second conference of the post war, they were charged with the daunting task of dealing with Japan and their continued effort in the ending war. The Potsdam Declaration was devised. It simply stated that Japan must immediately agree to an unconditional surrender or face total destruction. Japan would ignore this declaration (Scoenberger, 1969). In the summer of 1945, the war in the…show more content…
With Its commission to the fleet, Enola Gay preformed a test mission in preparation for its mission the next morning. The mission would be called “Operation Centerboard 1”, this type of bombing mission had never been preformed, the bomb had never existed or had a full functional test, and the hopes of ending the war hung in the balance of this mission (Museum, 2011). The Enola Gay and its weather plane escort took off from North Field airbase, Tinian Island at 0245Z 06 August 1945, Operation Centerboard 1 was on a course for history (Museum, 2011). The Enola Gay climbed to 30,000 feet in preparation for the bombing raid. The bomb was dropped at 0915Z over Hiroshima, Japan. The bomb hit the intended target 43 seconds later (Museum, 2011). The airplane preformed the escape maneuvers and started the return to base. The detonation mushroom cloud climbed to 40,000 feet and was visible by the crew for 360 miles away from the impact sight(Museum, 2011). The crew safely landed at Tinian island 1438Z performing the mission exactly as planned (Museum, 2011). The bomb impacted Hiroshima 800 feet from the intended target of Aioi bridge and directly impacted the Shima Surgical clinic. The bomb only delivered 13 Kilotons of energy with only 1.88 present fusion. This was far less than expected and considered a failure by the military. A little under four and a half square miles of the city was instantly destroyed (sixty- nine percent of the
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