Droseraceae: The Carnivorous Plant Family Essay

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The family Droseraceae is a cosmopolitan species that is found on all of the continents with the exception of Antarctica. This is likely the most diverse carnivorous plant family and has 150-160 species. 11 of these species are found in the United States (Webb D. 2008). This family is usually found as an herb or rarely a small shrub. The leaves of this family are alternate or whorled. This family has simple leaves, with the lamina with glandular hairs which trap insects, or have bristles that cause the lamina to close. The stipules may be present or absent. The Stamens are as many as there are petals. The stamens may be distinct, or connate at the base. The anthers are dithecal, opening by longitudinal slits; pollen grains in…show more content…
The insects are captured by the stalked glands on the surface of the leave and are eventually covered by the sticky glands. After the prey has been dissolved by the enzymes which are secreted by the tentacles, the leaf opens and resets the trap. Another genus in the family Droseraceae is the genus Dionaea which is the genus of the Venus flytrap. The Venus flytrap has a basal rosette of leaves that are up to 20 cm across. Each of the leaves has a flat stalk that ends in a trap that is close to 2 cm across. The center of the “trap” has a reddish color and the sides of the trap have fourteen to twenty stiff bristles that interlock when the trap closes. The flowers of this plant are white and in a cluster at the tip on a 15-45 cm stalk. The flowers have five sepals and five petals. There are 15-20 stamens. The seeds are numerous and are formed in a round capsule (Rix M, Cheek M, Davis S. 2011). This genus is found in south-east United States in North and South Carolina. There are also populations recorded from New Jersey and from Florida. These two populations are thought to be exotic. The Venus flytrap is commonly grown as an ornamental due to the interesting action of it consuming insects. It is also thought that it is possible that the napthoquinons that are in the plant may have medicinal value. The family of Droseraceae is not well known for being very economically important. However,

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