Droseraceae: The Carnivorous Plant Family Essay

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The family Droseraceae is a cosmopolitan species that is found on all of the continents with the exception of Antarctica. This is likely the most diverse carnivorous plant family and has 150-160 species. 11 of these species are found in the United States (Webb D. 2008). This family is usually found as an herb or rarely a small shrub. The leaves of this family are alternate or whorled. This family has simple leaves, with the lamina with glandular hairs which trap insects, or have bristles that cause the lamina to close. The stipules may be present or absent. The Stamens are as many as there are petals. The stamens may be distinct, or connate at the base. The anthers are dithecal, opening by longitudinal slits; pollen grains in monads or tetrads. The flowers are bisexual, actinomorphic and solitary or in axillary or terminal cymes or racemes. The Calyx has 5 sepals, free or shortly united at the base, imbricate. The petals are as many as the sepals, distinct, convolute. The Gynoecium is made up of 3 carpels that are united to form a superior, compound, unilocular ovary. The ovary has three to many ovules on the parietal placentas. The styles are distinct with two to five simple of branched. The fruit is usually a loculicidal capsule. The seeds are usually small (Short, P.S. 2011).
One of the types of genera that occur in this family is the genus Drosera. This genus has close to 100 annual and perennial species of flowering plants. These are known for their…

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