Drosophila Melanogaster: A Genetic Analysis

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With Drosophila melanogaster being an excellent paradigm for research in gene expression and exploration, many genetic tools have been created in order to utilize the fruit fly’s valuable characteristics in both spatial and temporal control of gene expression. Numerous tools used to study D. Melanogaster derive from the UAS-GAL4 gene expression system, and the system has proven to be quite simple in terms of spatial control of gene expression. When using the UAS-GAL4 system for temporal control, however, things get a little more complicated, and thus a modified version of this system was created. This gene expression system is known as the GeneSwitch GAL4 system, in which an adapted GAL4 protein is fused to a progesterone steroid, and GAL4…show more content…
These observations revealed that when target gene mRNA levels between induced and non-induced groups are compared, the results validating efficiency are actually misleading, and more controls need to be set in place when using this system for temporal control. Scialo's findings strongly indicate that the leakiness of the system depends upon the nature of the transgene being expressed, and moves towards a conclusion of different practical uses for the system, with this systematic weakness kept in mind.
The materials and methods used to conduct this study coincide with similar techniques in other studies concerning D. Melanogaster. As is typical with any gene expression and knockdown investigation, virgin females with either a daughterless (daGS) or tubulin-GeneSwitch (tubGS) driver were crossed with various RNAi lines. Following the crossing, cDNA synthesis and RNA extraction were executed. As a part of the measurements, oxygen consumption was measured using an O2K OROBOROS
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Melanogaster. Although leakiness was proven within this system, it has practical uses for the temporal control of gene expression. If we were to utilize this system in our research with Dr. Beckingham, it would be advisable to test controls for the system in the type of driver we want to use and the genes we want to knockdown in order to account for the system’s leakiness. An important application of the GeneSwitch system is the possibility of it being a great mechanism for studying the effects of overexpression of multiple genes while other genes are being knocked down at the same time. In Beckingham's lab, with further research in Drosophila, we may come across points at which we would like to control the time at which certain genes are expressed or depleted rather than the area at which they are. We also may want to have the means to knock down or express multiple genes, and the GeneSwitch Gal4 system would be a practical way to accomplish these goals in further
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