Drosophila Melanogaster : A Model Organism Within Genetics Research Essay

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Drosophila melanogaster is a species of fruit fly, used as a model organism in genetics research. We used this species to test the pattern of inheritance of two traits; eye color and wing type. With Mendelian Genetics, we assume genes are not linked. Thus, our hypothesis is that the genes are not linked. We ran two crosses, one with a wild type female and mutant male, and one with a mutant female and wild type male. We then proceeded to look at the two generations following this original cross; the F1 generation, or children of original cross, and the F2 generation, created when the flies from F1 were crossed again (essentially breeding the children amongst each other), using wild type females with wild type males, and wild type females and mutant males. Looking at our results in a chi square test, we find that we reject the assumption that the genes are not linked for cross 1, and accept that they are not linked for cross 2. However, we know that the trait for eye color is X-linked, and the trait for wing type is autosomal, so they cannot be linked. Thus, something must have gone wrong in our lab procedure.
Discovering Patterns of Inheritance: Drosophila melanogaster

Mendel shaped the way we currently define genetics and patterns of inheritance, with his study of pea plants and how traits were passed among them. Defining dominant traits, as the parental trait that was expressed, and recessive traits as the nondominant traits. This was furthered proved with Punnett squares,

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