Drought And Its Effects On Drought

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There are many serious environmental problems around the world. These problems such as drought, global warming, and pollution are caused by our actions, mistakes, or just by nature. Out of the various environmental problems, drought is one of the hazard of nature that is happening throughout some parts of the world, especially in California, United States. In general, drought is a “period of dry weather” or “an extended shortage of water” (Jaworski). There are two types of drought definitions: conceptual and operational definitions. Conceptual definitions help understand the meaning of drought and its effects. The example definition would be “drought is a protracted period of deficient precipitation which causes extensive damage to crops, resulting in loss of yield”. Operational definitions help identify the drought’s beginning, end, and degree of severity (National Drought Mitigation Center). However, it is hard to define drought because its impacts vary from region to region. For instance, drought in Bali, where it is a drought when rain does not fall for six days, would not be considered a drought in Libya where the annual rainfall is less than 180mm (USGS). Just as we define drought in many ways, there are also four types of drought: meteorological, agricultural, hydrological, and socioeconomic. First, meteorological drought is defined on the basis of the degree of dryness and the duration of the dry period or precipitation. Agricultural drought links various
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