Drought Eastern Africa

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The world should be pulling their resources together because the way the drought is affecting the Eastern Africa’s people is killing them. Reasonable one can not live in conditions where there is minimal food and water. People need to get their basic needs to survive and Eastern Africa is far from the ideal place to do so due to drought. The Eastern Africa people have limited crops which are mostly failing due to lack of water, little cattle herds due to the hot conditions and poor ground to feed on ,while the rest of the world has the resources to provide large-scale relief (Stewart, 2011). This is a big issue because on a global scale we are letting Eastern Africa’s people suffer when there is no need of it. The drought in Eastern…show more content…
This is seen as a problem because before the drought it was hard to feed people. Than again with constant heat hydration was always an issue also. With the hard conditions ones lifestyle has to organized enough to survive. Impact How they did not adapt to fit the drought: From there adoptions were not taken with the sudden environment change people had no way to fit back. Currently, 12 million are living in the drought. Communities are collapsed and livelihoods destroyed (Girard, 2011). Refugee Camps are being pushed to the limit holding 400,000 people when designed for the capacity of 90,000(Stewart). This is only the begin of the struggle because so many people are already trying to help, but war torn countries continue. Presently droughts occurring every two years and when it does rain only fractions of what the region is used to comes down because a rise in of this food prices, homelessness, diseases, social chaos is in full heat. One in every 3 people you see is dying from malnutrition.Feeding centers and medical supply demands are so high and the respond to get food and water there is not happening fast enough.If poor hygiene continues death will be the result. Solutions From there the people, land, and globally worldwide view of what can be done to stop the negative results of the drought:With so little resources East Africa uses what they have chicken blood is used as a treatment to a malnourished person (Stewart, 2011). Immunizations
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