Drowning and Red Bean Ice

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As the old saying goes, in this world nothing can be said to be sure, except death and taxes. Even everyone knows their life must have an end, but most of them still fear the death. In the short stories, A Drowning by Mark Ferguson and Red Bean Ice by Nancy Lee, authors have demonstrated the reaction and feeling of people to death. In these two stories, the characters are unlike the other person when death comes. They are both calm facing to death, and they are all insisting their hope. However, the reaction of people around them for their death is different. Firstly, both of characters in the short stories are very calm before their death. In the story “A Drowning”, the narrator in a boat saw a man who falls into the sea. This man…show more content…
In the story “A Drowning”, the man who fell in water does not give up the hope of surviving when the first swell comes toward him. Even the narrator thinks that he is died, “I thought, I won’t see him no more, but I was wrong” (A Drowning). This man does not yield to the sea and he swims for his life. Before the third swell arrives, the drowning still insists his hope, “…, now facing the land, his eyes fixed steadily on it”(A Drowning). His eyes shows his hope which is go back to the land. Even after two big swell, the man still tries to rise up in the terrible sea. He does not give up swimming for the last moment of his life. In the same way, Nancy’s mother also insists her hope. In the story, the red bean ice is a symbol of Nancy mother’s dream. She does not care about if she has enough things to eat but cared about the red bean ice. She tells to Nancy, “You know …red bean ice”. The word red bean ice had been mentioned three times. It shows how it is important for Nancy’ mother. The red bean ice represents the memory of Nancy’s father and her life in Hong Kong. Nancy’ mother said there is no red bean ice also means they do not have the life which she wants. Therefore, the hope of this old lady is go back to China and live with Nancy’s father. Even she is that old, she does not forget the red bean ice. It proves how she insists her dream. To sum up, the characters in both stories have a hope and they insist hardly at the end of their life. Secondly, the

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