Drowning in a Sea of Avoidance

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Drowning in a sea of avoidance, I needed to save myself from this repetitive behavior that was tarnishing my social bonds. In the past I was afraid of rejection or criticism in everyway imaginable. I kept myself from relationships due to my own insecurities, which stemmed from my lack of self confidents. To confine in a person one must be wiling to show their most vulnerable side, and not doing so made me have unhealthy relationships with the people around me. Causing me to portray a false image of myself to escape what others thought of me. These fears and insecurities had leaded me into a downward spiral of pushing people away. At a point in life we all suffer from some type of psychological frailty, not everyone is capable of finding their own way out of darkness that has been created by insecurities. The book Love’s Executioner by Irvin D Yalom, gives insight on those who dealt with conflicts that ultimately diminished their self-esteem. “Something good happened and she felt great, one criticism from someone and she was down for days. It was like trying to keep your house heated with a furnace thermostat placed to close to the window” (Yalom, 221). This was a compelling piece to me because it unmasked the exact issue of needing justification from others to feel good about myself. Having control over something that can completely shift your sense of self is necessary to break the cycle of a deranged notion of self-esteem. Everyone has been critiqued at one time or

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