Drug Abuse Among Parents Is A Growing Matter

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Drug abuse among parents is a growing matter in today’s society. However, child abuse rates are at an all time high. Little do you know, these growing problems have a huge connection. Both of these problems could be solved by mothers fighting their drug addictions.
Love is the most powerful emotion in this world. As it says in James Burkett 's article, when you are in love, you experience loss of time, loss of control of your body and brain, and you gain the motivation to seek out this partner, everything about them attracts us drawing us more into addiction to them (1). This compares our minds to drugs. We seek for a better drug and are more likely to try more drugs. While doing this, we become extremely addicted to these drugs. If these people are addicted and have children, those children will grow up thinking that it is normal to abuse drugs. However, if the mother is on drugs while pregnant, there will be some long term effects, such as Retardation and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Myrna Welssman 's article tells us that in 1998 a study was recorded over mothers abusing drugs while being pregnant. The results show that the long term effects of using drugs while pregnant leads to a psychiatric disorder, major depression, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, ADHD, and substance abuse of the offspring (662-663). The hospital records indicate maternal drug use also causes obstetrics complications of labor and delivery, gestational age, birth weight, type and
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