Drug Abuse Among Teenagers And Young Adults

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For several generations now drug abuse among teenagers and young adults has been a major problem in American society. To address the problem successfully in term of diminishing the amount of illegal drug use among this age demographic, we must first understand the patterns and trends over time in terms of what drugs teenagers use, how they obtain them and then use them, and what factors cause or influence them to engage in such activities. First we should define our terms and limits of discussion. “Drugs” here means not only substances that are illegal in themselves like marijuana and cocaine, but misused prescription medications as well as household substances not meant to be used as drugs such as glue and nutmeg. Doctors can actually sometimes prescribe drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and steroids for medical purposes but which are more often used illegally and harmfully. We are not going to consider alcohol even though perhaps it should be because it is a substance used to later mods and our mental states just like illegal drugs. Most of can recite the reason drug are bad for teenagers. Drug use can delay or even permanently damage adolescent brains that are still growing. Drug abuse can lead to poor life choices such as driving under their influence or engaging in criminal activity or just impairing teenagers ability to keep up with schoolwork. The reason we care about teenage drug use from the standpoint of developmental psychology has to do with the impact of drug use…
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