Drug Abuse And Addiction

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Drug Abuse and Addiction
Individuals are well on the way to begin drug abuse including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and many more drugs which are illegal. It has been seen that most affected category falls under the effect of drug abuse is adolescence and young adulthood. The percentage of senior students during their high school, who will have tried alcohol is 70 percent in the ratio and 40 percent of them start smoking and nearly 20 percent of them start taking prescription drugs. (National Institute on Drug Abuse,“ The principles of Adolescent Substance Abuse Use Disorder Treatment: A research Based Guide”).
Drug abuse is a critical social issue of today in Canada. Individual suffering from drug abuse has very serious effects on his own
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This gives birth to the antisocial activities such as robbery, physical abuse, snatching and many more.
There is not only one theory that why people become addictive to drugs, however there is always a combinations of many factors. Here are the major two theories as to why this social problem of drug abuse exists in the society. Firstly, The genetic theory (Schukit. P.no 452.“ Theories On Drug Abuse”) is related to biological aspects. Genetic factor plays a pivotal role in the physiological drive of an individual. Genetic theory means transmission of genes to children by their parents. An individual may become addictive to the substance if any of his ancestor was also addicted to that same substance. Secondly, Self-esteem theory (Howar B. Kaplan,Phd. Pno157. “Theories On Drug Abuse”), this theory is based upon self-esteem motives. The key variables of self-esteem theory are drug availability, feelings of inferiority or superiority, social pressure/acceptability, coping mechanism, immediate gratification and life style. People falls under the theory of self-esteem become dependents of illicit substances like hallucinogens, barbiturates, amphetamines, marijuana and alcohol. These substances are observed as an alternative action to self-rejecting attitudes.
At three levels the social issue of drug and addiction can be seen in society. These three levels are Micro, Macro and Meso. The social issue under Micro level theory of drug abuse and addiction

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