Drug Abuse And Alcohol Abuse

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In my selection for an agency that I would consider to work in, it was narrowed down to working for the State of New Hampshire in particular the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. This is an agency within an agency. The main reason I chose this area is due to two factors: the first one is that drug and alcohol is such a sever addiction that it is almost impossible for the individual to get out of it on their own. The second factor is first-hand experience. I myself have been down the same road as so many others with drug abuse and addiction. I certainly believe that this experience will benefit other individuals due to that fact that I can relate to them wholeheartedly.
Addiction is a serious condition, and for many a hard area to overcome. By having first-hand experience I feel as though I can relate more to these individuals than a professional who has never experienced addiction or drug abuse. By allowing these clients to understand where I come from and my history with addiction and drug use they would be able to feel freer and comfortable which over all would allow them to be completely honest. This honesty factor in the long run would benefit them in the treatment of their addictions.
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services:
The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the largest agency in New Hampshire state government, responsible for the health, safety and well-being of the citizens of New Hampshire (NHDHHS, 2015).
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