Drug Abuse And Its Effects

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There are many programs provided in Australia and many other countries that have a high success rate. These are the programs that should be modeled after for the simple fact that they work and provide long term effects for the patients in most cases. In regards to drug treatment programs, we have a lot of work to do. In reality, the ideal thing would be to start from scratch and move on, but that is not reality. Something needs to be done and fast or the issue will only get worse. Drug abuse has a stigma that follows it and this stigma is not good. It 's very negative. People label drug users/abuser very negatively and this is not motivating for the person to go get help. They will do what the label says that they are capable of. The first step, that needs to be taken to even start improving the drug treatment system is to try to get rid of this stigma. People have to realize that just like anyone else with a medical issue, people with drug abuse issues also have a serious problem and they need help. Instead of shunning them out of our society and telling them that they do not belong or fit, they need to be included and told that they matter and can function in society. There needs to be more of a positive view on this issue and instead of putting people down, we need to help them get up and this is probably yah most difficult piece we encounter. It 's hard to change people and their views on an issue. Once you think one thing, it 's is very hard to change a thought process.…

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