Drug Abuse And Social Class

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There are a few different social dynamics behind drug use amongst different work/social classes. Largely, a reason why someone would start the use of drugs would depend on their social environment. These individuals are strongly influenced by their families and peers. According to the textbook, drug use has been related to the lower class (Faupel, et al. 199). Within this class, their families and peers could easily influence the drug use. Being in a financial bind, I would imagine it would be discouraging to be in a lower-class and possibly would influence drug use as well? During the 60s, some drugs became “acceptable” to be used by the middle-class (Faupel, et al. 199). There have been generations since then, so it is likely that current middle-class people were influenced by their parents/grandparents use during the 60s.…show more content…
Many middle-class people have obtained a higher education. Though these individuals may consume alcohol, they are less likely to use drugs (Faupel, et al. 202). Also, I speculate that while in college, these individuals learned about drug use in biology, chemistry, and psychology and sociology courses. They many have had personal experiences while in college and “grew out” of
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